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Canton Choirs

Canton Choirs is a photographic project that consists of a series of portraits and interior landscapes. The images draw visual emphasis on how individuality contributes to community through the repeated typology of studio lit portraits. The individuality of every choir member reverberates throughout the series, as each sitter is slightly taller or shorter than the last. Their face, slightly angled more or less to the side. Their outfit of choice, determining its visibility and occupation of space in the portrait. Despite these determining factors, the sense of community overwhelms the series through the continuation of a photographic typology. The use of a typology in the context of community allows for an overwhelming sense of togetherness and unity, that is vital in a choir performing together. Through the controlled environment of a pop-up studio each image is directed exactly the same as the one that came before it, and each member of the choir is viewed as an equal, representing the equality in a community choir.

Left 1.jpg
Left 2.jpg
Left 3.jpg
Left 4.jpg
Left 5.jpg
Left 6.jpg
Left 7.jpg
Room 1.jpg
Room 2.jpg
Left 8.jpg
Left 9.jpg
Left 10.jpg
Left 11.jpg
Left 12.jpg
Left 13.jpg
Left 14.jpg
Right 1.jpg
Right 2.jpg
Right 3.jpg
Right 4.jpg
Right 5.jpg
Right 6.jpg
Right 7.jpg
Room 3.jpg
Room 4.jpg
Right 8.jpg
Right 9.jpg
Right 10.jpg
Right 11.jpg
Right 12.jpg
Right 13.jpg
Right 14.jpg
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